Step into the digital age with our electronic health record system

DentoMate digitizes patient charts and automates administrative tasks to eliminate paper use and increase productivity

Save the planet one digital patient chart at a time

We talked with you. We worked with you. And then we created DentoMate: a simple, sleek, and practical electronic health system for dental clinics. DentoMate delivers a user-friendly interface to help you automate and manage administrative tasks so that you can focus on your patients. Dentists can use the system to view their appointments, upload patient charts and history, and create prescriptions. You can also set appointments, manage inventory, generate reports, manage invoices, and send e-mail/text message reminders to patients. Rolling all administrative and record-keeping functions into one system, DentoMate not only eases your burden, but helps you save the planet at the same time!


  • Patient Information Database

    Contains the number, identity, appointment history, and medical records and charts of all patients

  • Accounting And Finances

    Eliminates human errors in calculation of amounts received and owed

  • Automated Alerts

    Sends automated text-messages and e-mails to patients upon confirmation and cancellation of appointments

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  • Inventory Management

    Records suppliers, categories, identity and stock of items in the inventory to facilitate decision-making

  • Report Generation

    Creates reports about patients, appointments, invoices, and treatments to draw valuable conclusions

  • Appointment Scheduling

    Allows administrators to view dentist availability and make appointments

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